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you’re not going to like the cost of the breakdown

Buying a car is one thing, being able to repair it is another. Tesla definitely seems to be adopting a policy at odds with its basic philosophy, namely to democratize the electric car.

After a meteoric rise in the price of its Model 3, the American is singled out by the SRA, an organization which calculates the cost of vehicle repairs on behalf of insurers. And at Tesla, the cost of the breakdown is expensive.

“Tesla is a brand that we have been monitoring for some time”explains Rodolphe Pouvreau, director of the SRA. In 2021, we identified the fact that Model S is still ahead of the pack when it comes to repair costs.”

But obviously, Tesla has applied this policy to all of its ranges. Thereby, “whether it’s the Model S, the Model 3 or the Model X, it’s systematically more expensive than the others” adds Rodolphe Pouvreau. So much so that today Tesla “is the second most expensive brand to repair, after Porsche”.

Some Teslas cost more to repair than Porsches

Overall, Porsche is therefore the car brand where repairs are the most expensive. They are 131.9% more expensive than the average. Rear, Tesla has a repair cost 61.1% higher than the average. Land Rover takes third place on the podium with 31.6%.

Looking at the different models, there are some interesting disparities. In the midsize sedan segment, the most expensive vehicle to repair is not a Porsche model but the Model 3 with a repair cost 23.1% higher than the average cost in this category. It is ahead of the Mercedes Class C (+14.4%) and the Renault Talisman (+5.2%).

Same observation in the road category. The Model S takes off with +40.9% compared to the average cost of repairs.

Worse still, in the SUV family, the Model X shows +38.4% repair costs compared to the average. This is more than the +27% of the Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5 (-2.4%) two brands yet known for the high cost of their spare parts.

In addition to having to pay a fortune for their repairs, Tesla owners have to deal with two other problems. First, the availability of spare parts is very random. Then, the network of Tesla authorized garages is still underdeveloped. At Tesla, it is better to avoid the blow of the breakdown.

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