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World Day against the abandonment of pets: the SPA launches a sterilization campaign for dogs and cats

Yesterday, June 25, was World Pet Abandonment Day. The Papillon-SPA refuge regularly overflows due to the abandonment of dogs and cats and the low sterilization in Guadeloupe.

World Pet Abandonment Day was yesterday. An initiative of Animal Solidarity. It is supported by many other associations, including the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA). This day was launched to denounce and alert the public authorities, also to raise awareness among the general public and to act against this injustice done to our four-legged friends.

The last Saturday of June is symbolically that of the first great departure of the Juillettists, where we witness, in Guadeloupe, a large number of abandonments in the cane fields, in the street or near the garbage cans. The SPA speaks of 15 abandonments per day for various reasons.

It is therefore to mobilize citizens and bring together animal protection associations that it is organizing a sterilization campaign for dogs and cats because thehe butterfly-SPA shelter is regularly overflowing due to drop-outs and poor sterilization.

This subsidized sterilization campaign is measure 4b of the France Relance plan supporting local projects, supported by animal protection associations. It aims to improve the reception of abandoned animals in shelters or foster families and to prevent abandonment by setting up a sterilization campaign.

An envelope of 480,000 euros has been allocated to Guadeloupe and will thus enable the creation of a shelter for pets in Marie-Galante, the creation of a shelter to equip mainland Guadeloupe, the equipment of the SPA for the improvement and care of animals in foster families and the development of local adoptions and finally the implementation of subsidized sterilization campaigns throughout the territory with 50% coverage of veterinary costs for private dogs and cats, for those intended for local adoption as well as for so-called free cats.

Namely that the abandonment of a pet is punishable by law because it is considered an act of abuse. You risk between 3 and 5 years of imprisonment and up to 75,000 euros in fines if the abandonment has caused the death of the animal.

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