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Workers save two puppies stuck in a storm drain

The two adorable little balls of fur would not have survived without the patience and determination of these workers working on the construction site of the UFR de Terre Sainte in Saint-Pierre. For a few days, they had been hearing the two puppies moaning well but without being able to locate them precisely.

Yesterday, Hugo, electrician on the site, finally managed to spot them. Both puppies were stuck in a storm drain. The electrician called the firefighters but they were unable to move for lack of suitable equipment, they replied.

This Friday morning, Hugo and his colleague Raphaël find the ingenious solution. The two puppies are pushed towards the exit using an electrician’s needle to the end of which plastic bottles have been taped to avoid injuring the two puppies.

In 15 minutes, young dogs find daylight and comforting faces. The two little survivors were then taken to the nearby fire station, still a little scared and weakened by their ordeal.

Unable to keep them, Hugo is looking for a family who can welcome them.


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