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War in Ukraine: Elon Musk challenges Vladimir Putin to “single combat”

Will we be entitled to a fight between Vladimir Putin and Elon Musk? As the Russian President continues his offensive in Ukraine, the boss of Tesla published an astonishing tweet around noon on Monday March 14. “I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin in a man-to-man fight,” he said, adding: “The stake is Ukraine,” mixing Russian and English. In response to his tweet, he again asks in Russian: “Do you accept this fight?”, mentioning the English Kremlin account.

A most amazing tweet that challenged internet users. One person asked him if he was serious or if “she missed something”. The SpaceX founder answered him in person, explaining that he was “absolutely serious”. To another Internet user who believes that he would be beaten “in a few seconds by Vladimir Putin”, Elon Musk seems not to be dismantled: “If Putin could easily humiliate the West, then he would accept the challenge”, he says. . Finally, another recalled an event where Elon Musk had faced a sumo, enough to bring back some painful memories: “I managed to move the sumo world champion, but breaking my neck, then causing pain for seven years.”

Support for Ukraine

This new release in any case reaffirms Elon Musk’s support for the Ukrainian people as he had already done in early March on Twitter. He also had a thought for the “great Russian people who do not want war”. At the end of February, he had also responded to a call from a Ukrainian official asking him to activate his Starlink service so that the Ukrainian territories under attack could have access to the Internet. After tweets from a Russian space official who claimed the Space Station could crash into Earth, the SpaceX boss announced he might get involved to save it. Accustomed to controversial tweets, Elon Musk therefore challenges Vladimir, former judo champion, but does not specify in which sport he intends to do this fight (if accepted).

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