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Want to cut down on your meat consumption? Fall for meat substitutes made with local vegetables

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Greenway innovates and launches products based on Belgian vegetables.

There are those who try to reduce their consumption of meat and then there are those who take the plunge and adopt a new style of diet by banishing it completely. Whether for ecological reasons, for better health or for the sake of animal well-being, vegetarianism is popular. But it is not because we stop eating meat that our diet should be less tasty or vary. Greenway has understood this well by developing a whole series of plant-based meats that are easy to prepare on a daily basis.

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Consumers want to know what they are eating and they like to identify the ingredients used. This is sometimes a challenge when you know that some meat alternatives are made from different types of vegetable proteins. This is why the brand is now launching two products that give pride of place to vegetables grown locally in Belgium. First of all, we find the cauliflower-based sausage, ideal for the barbecue or as an appetizer. No wonder when you know that cauliflower is one of the most popular cabbages in our country. The second novelty is a celeriac cordon bleu made with a creamy cheese sauce made from potatoes and cubes of vegetable bacon.

Belgians increasingly seduced by plants

The consumption behavior and preferences of Belgians are in the midst of a transition. Research conducted by Profacts in March 2022 shows that Belgians attach importance to a plant-based, healthy and local diet. With 62% considering that a healthy diet is important, the Flemings are in the lead, followed by the Walloons (59%) and the inhabitants of Brussels (52%). Wallonia leads with 39% for locally grown vegetables, followed by Flanders (32%) and Brussels (31%). Belgians therefore like local products whose origins they know. It is striking that Brussels has the most vegetarians (20%) and vegans (7%), compared to Flanders and Wallonia. Today, 24% of Belgian consumers define themselves as flexitarians.

It is by following these figures very closely that Greenway has worked on the development of its two new preparations, which are all the more neutral in CO2. A healthy alternative to meat, with a nutritional score of A that can be found in all Delhaize and Carrefour stores in Belgium. This summer, Greenway will be present at 11 festivals, including Couleur Café, Rock Werchter, Paradise City and Tomorrowland. They also collaborate with B2B partners such as Bavet, Bocca, Ellis Gourmet Burger, Fitchen,… in order to reach the widest possible audience, in addition to their offer in traditional stores.

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