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VIDEO. A restaurateur humorously counters the seasonal labor shortage

Director Jonathan Perrut and the GOELAND 1951 restaurant in Val de Saire (Manche) have done it again with a new humorous video! This time she highlights the “impossible recruitment mission” of seasonal workers in the face of the labor shortage which affects almost all restaurateurs in France.

Humor… to talk about a dramatic situation for many restaurateurs. The labor shortage could complicate the summer season for the entire profession. But the “Goéland 1951″ chose to laugh about it, for a moment. With the Caen director, Jonathan Perrut, the Jonville bar-restaurant in the Val-de-Saire with a view of the island of Tatihou, publishes a new video featuring a “recruitment mission impossible”.

In this video of more than 4 minutes, a young man goes to his job interview with a restaurateur but the Goéland 1951 team is on a mission. She puts in place a whole scheme to recover the seasonal worker in her workforce: “we do this to have fun and have a good time with colleagues. Humor, laughter, it’s completely our trademark and totally representative of our state of mind“explains Pierre Jeanclaude, manager of Le Goéland 1951.

Indeed, the cheerful team of this establishment is not at its first attempt. Since 2016, she has taken the habit each season of shooting a video to get people talking about him by choosing a theme. Two years ago, it was about the reopening or not of restaurants. This year, he could not miss the comedy of the dramatic situation of the cruel lack of labor in the sector for this summer.

They called on their director friend, Jonathan Perrut from Caen to produce a new little nugget balanced this Tuesday, June 7 on social networks. A way to communicate on the subject and recruit: “It’s still more fun than a classic recruitment poster that doesn’t attract anyone’s attention” exclaims the manager with a smile. Behind the humour, the establishment is obviously looking for seasonal workers, especially in the kitchen : “We like to recruit people with no experience for the service, as long as they want it and they are dynamic. But here in the kitchen we have a real problem, a real need, we need people who have training and who are competent, it’s really complicated”.

In any case, this new published opus has been seen 10,000 times in a few hours and widely shared and commented on throughout France. Another video is coming in early July with the theme, this time, the famous clip of the Prince of Bel Air (a famous American series from the 90s with Will Smith) or rather “The Prince of Val de Saire”. Only a few more weeks to wait.

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