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too sweet for regular consumption

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    Bubble tea is the fashionable drink among the youngest. Made from tea, milk, sugar and tapioca balls, among other things, this beverage is often too sweet and can become addictive.

    It is the fashionable beverage among young people. Surely you have already heard of it or seen it on social networks: bubble tea is a drink that has the color of milk tea, it is sometimes flavored with syrup – there are different flavors – which comes in a large transparent glass, through which black tapioca balls can be seen. It is the latter that give it its name of bubble tea, literally “bubble tea” or “pearl tea”.

    A “calorie bomb”

    Originating in Taiwan, bubble tea has all the aspects of a healthy drink: the taste of fruit, tea, milk and tapioca balls that are gluten-free.

    It’s a calorie bombwarns Dr. Laurent Chevallier, nutritionist. Indeed, the drink has twice the sugar compared to juices or industrial soda-type drinks: a large 500 ml glass contains the equivalent of around 20 sugar cubes on average, not to mention its fat content due to the presence of milk, sometimes whole“.

    Beware of health consequences

    If it is consumed very occasionally, no problem. On the other hand, taken on a daily basis, bubble tea can be responsible for glycemic disorders, but also for a potential addiction to sugar, not to mention the presence of gelling agents, sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavors…. additives that can be harmful to health.

    Sugar, an addictive food

    This drink, even if it is composed of certain elements that may seem healthy at first glance, therefore poses a caloric problem. “This is often the trick in nutrition: to make a food acceptable, we add sugar. Sugar and fat are the two key elements for manufacturers to sell“, denounces the specialist.

    Although fashionable, bubble tea remains a drink to be consumed in moderation.


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