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this customer receives a terrifying recharge bill of €550,000

This Chinese customer, owner of a Model 3, probably jumped before the amount of his last charging invoice sent by Tesla. It must be said that the sum is enough to cause cold sweats: more than 550,000 €!

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One of the main arguments of electric is obviously the price of recharging. Usually, the bill remains lower overall than with a traditional thermal car. However, this Chinese owner of a Tesla Model 3 must have regretted his purchase after seeing the amount of his last charging bill.

Indeed, Tesla asked him to pay an astronomical sum: no less than 608,700 dollars, or 557,800 euros! The unlucky customer recounted this mishap on the main Chinese social network Weibo this Saturday, March 5, 2022. He explains there that he received a notification on the manufacturer’s mobile application. She informed him that he now had ban on using a Supercharger until this impressive slate is settled in full.

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A terrifying recharge bill of more than €550,000

For its part and as you can imagine, misunderstanding is at the rendezvous. Especially since his last recharge dates from February 27 and he was content to power his car for only 20 minutes. The icing on the cake, this customer still benefited from free recharging minutes, clearly enough to cover an additional 2285 km. It was a holdover from Tesla’s old referral program, which offered 1,500 km of charging credit in China for first-time buyers and their sponsors.

According to the details given by the application, the user therefore had to pay a bill of €557,800 for recharging 1,923,720 kWh! That is the equivalent of 32,000 recharges from 0 to 100% in the case of a 60 kWh battery. As you can imagine, this was an app bug. This was confirmed by the manufacturer’s customer service and the amount of the invoice was corrected.

As a reminder, Tesla customers regularly deal with bugs. While some are of minor severity, others are much more so. In March 2021, several users noted with bewilderment that they had been debited twice the amount expected after the purchase of their new car. Both the bank and the builder were slow to initiate the necessary procedures to reimburse the overpayment.

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