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this contaminated food can be dangerous for health, it is iceberg lettuce

On the front page of the news, there is the shortage and this reminder that is ruining our lives. We take stock of the last one that is shaking up public opinion!

Too many reminders?

Listeria. Just this word is enough to trigger panic among consumers. Indeed, once it enters our body, it can cause many health damage. After having investigated this subject on many occasions, the team ofObjeko notes that it has an annoying habit of growing in supermarket refrigerators. So when officials get wind of this recall, they automatically sound the alarm. Etched in memories, other disastrous health episodes border on paranoia. Besides, how can we forget the immense dismay of the families who consumed chocolates Kinder and pizzas Buitoni ? Come on, let’s go, we explain everything about this new scandal that is shaking the food planet!

Two recall cases sow chaos

When there is a problem with a food, supermarkets systematically remove it from the shelves. It is out of the question to do this on the sly. A paper at the checkouts as well as in the displays informs the customers. But this is not the only way to be aware of this kind of inconvenience. On social networks, the platform Drink reminder is regularly updated. The least we can do is that sometimes there are several examples per hour. As proof, dairy desserts malo wreaked havoc. After microscopic analysis, scientists see the bacteria E.coli. Responsible for intestinal problems, she will at the same time demolish the reputation of the brand. For gourmets and manufacturers alike, it’s a double penalty!

With rising prices, we don’t necessarily have the budget to eat seafood every day. Reserved for special occasions such as the end of year celebrations, the turnover of fishmongers is falling. As a result, amateurs decide to focus on the few offers from supermarkets. Very badly took them. Sold vacuum-packed, haddock fillets Bourgain and Sons are in turmoil. No one could have predicted that they would be subject to yet another recall. And yet, barely consumed, the bacteria disturbs our transit.

The water drop ?

Now accustomed to this kind of twist, doctors notice an influx of patients in their waiting room. When asked about it, they are taken aback. Admittedly, they give some nutritional advice in relation to a pathology such as cholesterol or hypertension. However, predicting which recipe is next on the list is impossible. With sunny days, we tend not to want to eat hot. So, we adapt to the fruits and vegetables on the market in order to design our own personalized salads. Unfortunately, the recall concerns the Florette brand. Ultra-famous, it allows you to have your dose of raw vegetables without taking the slightest gram. For those who plan to lose some weight before the holidays, this is ideal. Except that once again, everything will collapse like a house of cards.

The main advantage of this salad is that you can eat it immediately. If we rely on the expiry date, we notice that we have a short week to do so. Alas, since she has Listeria, it is better to throw her away immediately. If the bag is not yet opened, bring it directly to the supermarket of origin. Don’t worry, they respect precise specifications and will certainly not put it on the shelf again. To find out if you are affected by this case, Objeko recommend that you locate the barcode. Those who have a concern have 3 303 910 005 804. If you feel that you do not have enough information, a number is available to you. At the end of the line, I promise, there will always be someone kind. it’s 04 68 28 75 89!

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