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Thierry Marx rages against low-cost food

This Saturday June 25, 2022, Thierry Marx was the guest of Éric Dussart and Jade in We are redoing TV on RTL. During this interview, the chef ranted against the dangers of low-cost food.

Thierry Marx continues to denounce low-cost food. guest on RTLthe former juror of Top chef first confided in his journey strewn with pitfalls. Before becoming a world-renowned chef, the restaurant’s boss Madam Brewery on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower went through complicated stages. He looked back on his years of hardship and revealed how he was able to force fate. Thierry Marx also explained why he decided to be a juror in the new version of master chef soon to be broadcast on France 2. He also confided that he was very impressed by the level of the amateur cooks: Amateurs push professionals, because they go so far in research, they learn so much about the product, that at times they take you the wrong way. It was amazing to see dishes that were extraordinary!” The chef also recounted his incredible meeting with Mick Jagger in his very first restaurant.

“Food is your fuel, your health”

Guest of Éric Dussart and Jade in We are redoing TV this Saturday, June 25, Thierry Marx did not hesitate to rant against the dangers of low-cost food. In war against junk food, he also asked the Ministry of Health to impose “a surcharge on sodas”.

“Low-cost is an economy of renunciation. You give up quality in exchange for low prices. The worst part is that the more you squeeze farmers’ margins, the happier people are going to be. It’s been going on for forty years. So you have oxidized our agriculture, our industry, our crafts and ultimately people eat badly. So this low-cost theory is deadly”he explained.

The leader also deplores the disinterest of the public authorities on these issues, regretting that“no politician has the courage to talk about it”.

“We make the adjustment variable of low-cost food by telling you that it is ‘for those who do not have the means’ rather than saying ‘we are going to raise wages, we are going to find the way to do it. Food is not the gasoline you put in your car. Food is your fuel, your health and that of the country. The worse your health, the harder it is for the country to have health protection services”, he lambasted. The message got through.

Thierry Marx
Thierry Marx

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