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The price of the Tesla Model 3 increases by 6000 euros overnight

Those who were still waiting Thursday before ordering their car can only bite their fingers this Friday. The price of the Model 3, of the Tesla brand, increased by 6,000 euros in just one night in France, with the ecological bonus. The 100% electric car now costs 44,990 euros, compared to 38,990 euros again on Thursday… In January 2021, with an ecological bonus better than that of today (7,000 euros compared to 6,000 euros), it could be bought for 36,800 euros.

In France, like all electric cars, the Tesla Model 3 benefits from an ecological bonus. The calculation of this is simple: if the sale price of the car is less than 45,000 euros, the bonus can reach 6,000 euros; above, it reaches 2,000 euros. By increasing the price of its Model 3 by 2,000 euros overnight from Thursday to Friday, Tesla thus increases the price of its car from 44,990 euros to 46,990 euros. The ecological bonus therefore goes from 6,000 euros to 2,000 euros!

High on the number of sales in France and Europe, Tesla’s Model 3 is not at its first price increase. At 43,800 euros until then, the vehicle had already seen its price increase by 1,190 euros at the beginning of the month to reach 44,990 euros. A price which, at the limit of the threshold of the ecological bonus, prevented any individual from taking full advantage of it.

How can these price increases be explained? Tesla is trying to meet the very high demand for its entry-level sedan: those ordering it today would not receive it until February 2023.

A few days ago, Tesla had increased the prices of its chargers in France, for the second time in three months. These have thus increased by 15% overnight, reaching 0.46 euros per kilowatt hour on average. This increase is explained by the very sharp increase in energy prices.

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