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The price of seasonal fruits and vegetables is soaring! Discover the prices

Algerians complain about the relentless rise in the cost of food products on the market. In fact, for several months, the prices of food and goods in general have not ceased to rise while the standard of living and the purchasing power of households are gradually decreasing.

This price increase has also reached seasonal fruits and vegetables.

In fact, recently, the prices of tomatoes, avocado, onions, potatoes and even cauliflower have risen considerably.

What are the seasonal fruits and vegetables during the Algerian spring?

Spring in Algeria extends mainly over 3 months, namely, the month of April, the month of May and the month of June. Fruits and vegetables during these months are almost the same, including, on the one hand, for vegetables: artichoke, cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, potato, onion, lettuce, sorrel, beetroot, cucumber, bell pepper, green beans, and many more.

And on the other hand, seasonal fruits include: banana, avocado, lemon, strawberry, cherry, kiwi, melon, watermelon, tomato, apricot, fig, etc.

Soaring prices of seasonal food products on the Algerian market

The rise in prices of seasonal fruits and vegetables in recent weeks is considered by many Algerians to be unjustified and abnormal.

To illustrate, this atypical increase in these products:

  • The kilo of tomato varies between 100-125 DZD.
  • As for bananas, 1 kg of bananas is worth 350-380 DZD.
  • Dates are sold at 300-850 DZD per kilo.
  • The kilo of apple is currently at 300-700 DZD.
  • The kilo of lemon is 280-500 DZD.
  • The strawberry is estimated at 150-220 DZD per kilo.
  • Watermelon is sold at 90-110 DZD / kg.
  • The kilo of apricot is worth 250-400 DZD.

Regarding vegetables, they are also sold in kilograms.

  • The kilo of potatoes is currently at 70-90 DZD.
  • The kilo of beets is 70-120 DZD.
  • The kilo of green beans is estimated at 200-250 DZD.
  • The bell pepper is worth around 80-160 DZD.
  • The cucumber is at 60-70 DZD/kg.
  • Carrots are sold at 80-100 DZD per kilo.
  • Eggplant is at 90-120 DZD/kg.
  • The onion is currently at 80-100 DZD per kilo.

It is important to note that these prices are those registered with the Direction du Commerce of Algiers.

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