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The little secret to cleaning the bottom of a burnt pot and making it look like new

When the food is burning, the pan and pot are a real clean-up challenge. While there are several chemicals for cleaning kitchen utensils, we suggest here that you consider a simple and inexpensive solution based on ingredients that you probably already have at home.

In front of the spectacle of burnt food firmly encrusted in the bottom of the pot or the frying pan, you mark a moment of hesitation and you sigh because you know what awaits you. Never mind, we reveal a remarkable way to remove these burnt deposits and make your pot clean.

Burnt pot bottom

Burnt pot bottom – Source: spm

What if the bottom of your pot or pan burns?

It’s not uncommon to get distracted and forget to turn off the heat or turn it down and then find yourself struggling with burnt grease on the bottom of pots, pans and pots. If you’re thinking of giving up your utensil, don’t panic! There is a solution that should encourage you to save it. With one simple ingredient, you can remove burnt from the bottom of the pot and restore its shine without damaging it.

– Citric acid to unclog the burnt in the bottom of the pot

Citric acid is common as a cleaning agent for bathroom surfaces or sanitary ware, but not only. In the case that interests us, it turns out very effective against burnt residue that stick to the bottom of some kitchen utensils. And this is even more the case if you associate it with salt.

First, pour clear water into your encrusted container and then boil it. Pour a tablespoon of coarse salt and another of citric acid in the water then stir the ingredients to help dissolve them. Once you see the first signs of boiling, wait 5 minutes before removing the pot from the heat.

Boiling water in the pot

Boiling water in the pot – Source: spm

Leave your boiling water to stand for an hour to allow the product to act, then empty the pot. Then rinse it by placing it under running cold water and using a sponge soaked in washing-up liquid to take off what remains of residue and degreasing product. You should soon rediscover a pot that is like new and pleasantly scented.

Cooking tools

Kitchen utensils – Source: spm

Other methods that have nothing to envy to citric acid to unclog the pot or pans and saucepans

Whether you managed to make your pot shine or not, it is always useful to know some old-fashioned methods:

– Loosen burnt food from your pot with white vinegar

Warm up your pot on the stove then, once hot enough, gently add vinegar water to it, protecting your eyes. Expect a crackling reaction that will break down and soften encrustations then take a wooden spoon to scrape up the burnt parts.

– Use a dishwasher tablet to unclog the pot

As we now know, dishwasher tablets aren’t just for cleaning kitchen utensils. And this thanks to their ability to break down stubborn stains lying at the bottom of the pot. To exploit the descaling effect, pour water into the burnt container then add the tablet. Boil the water then simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. This should be enough to gradually loosen the gunk.

– Descaling the pot with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has cleaning abilities that can remove tough stains, odor, and bacteria. In the case of the burnt pot, hydrogen peroxide is all the more effective as it can remove organic stains such as those from burnt food. To use this stain remover, you can multiply its effect by mixing it with baking soda, which has an abrasive and deodorizing capacity. You will get a paste that you will then rub against the encrustations using a clean, rough sponge. All
you have to do is let the product act for a few minutes before rubbing again and rinsing with clear water. Your pot should shine again.

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