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the electric pick-up can no longer be reserved in France!

It is no longer possible to pre-order a Tesla Cybertruck in markets other than North America. The chances of seeing the electric pickup land quickly in Europe are dwindling.

Remember, in November 2019, Tesla announced with great fanfare the Cybertruck, its electric pickup in the style worthy of a science fiction film from the 1980s. The American firm promised to go into production by the end of 2021, prototype at support. It has even opened pre-orders for its utility as far away as France, asking interested customers only for a refundable deposit of €100. After two years, the number of reservations worldwide would have exceeded one million. However, postponement after postponement, the Tesla Cybertruck is now expected for the beginning of 2023. And Tesla is no longer taking reservations for its Cybertruck pickup outside of North America. However, the car was recently presented in an evolution closer to the series in the United States.

Will the Tesla Cybertruck arrive in Europe?

The Tesla Cybertruck is still entitled to its dedicated section on the French Tesla website, however the possibility of reserving a copy has just disappeared. Only remains a presentation of the vehicle in pictures. As often with Tesla, no official communication accompanies this change in policy. Until further notice, customers who have made a reservation still benefit from it. The fact that the pick-up does not disappear from the site can always give hope for marketing in France, and more generally in Europe. However, Tesla chief Elon Musk had hinted that this might require designing a slightly different version of the car compared to the American model. And in view of the many projects underway at Tesla, in particular that of an entry-level model which would be much more suitable for the European market, the arrival of the Tesla Cybertruck on the Old Continent is more than ever subject to caution, from less in the short term.

Published on 05/19/2022 Updated 05/19/2022

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