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The day Elon Musk stopped Nicolas Cage from becoming the King of Las Vegas

Hard to stop Elon Musk. Newly the owner of Twitter after signing a nice check for 44 billion dollars, the boss of Tesla collects business like greenbacks. A formidable negotiator? Maybe. The richest man in the world is in any case a personality of weight wherever he goes and it is not Nicolas Cage who will say the opposite. Guest on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live for the promotion of his latest film A Solid Gold Talent, the 58-year-old actor revealed that he tried to build a movie studio in Las Vegas. Problem: Elon Musk was in town.

First domiciled in the city of sin for tax reasons, Nicolas Cage learned to love this high place of excess. “I have a good mojo there. I tried to get a movie studio built, and then Elon Musk came along, and all the money I got for that project—that’s $80 million—was put into the company Tesla, who then ironically drained all the water from the city,” says the comedian.


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Fortunately for Nicolas Cage, not all of his plans have been clouded by the billionaire. The actor still has his marks in Las Vegas since he shot there Honeymoon in Vegas or Leaving Las Vegas for which he won an Oscar. “The city of Vegas has been good to me, really,” he says. “It’s both a small town and a big city. It is probably one of the most unique addresses. Not resentful, the adventurer.


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