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The Côte d’Azur speeds up on the charging station

This stretch of coastline where so many French people live and come sees many charging points have been flourishing for a few years already. Logically, since investing in an electric car is becoming more and more common. Once you have such a car, you obviously have to be able to recharge it.

Interparking: a committed company

This is why Interparking, one of the main car park operators in France and Europe, is continuing its deployment of electric charging stations on the Côte d’Azur. The parking company chooses to invest, once again, in favor of sustainable development and electromobility. Ultimately, it is the environment that is happy!

It is all to his credit, without forgetting thatthis is a major marketing argument. At the end of 2021, it entered into a partnership with TotalEnergies for the deployment of electric charging stations in its car parks in the Alpes Maritimes and then throughout the country. A real boost for the French.

For the start of 2022, the group has just announced the installation of new terminals in Menton and Nice. Its aim: deploy 12% of electric spaces in the territory by 2025. An objective which goes well beyond the 5% imposed by the legislation and which therefore illustrates the real desire of the car park company.

New electric charging stations installed in Menton and Nice

Interparking provides management of more than 400,000 parking spaces in France and Europe. While electric mobility is in full development in urban areas, the group wanted to offer its users the possibility of recharging their vehicles in dedicated parking spaces. Indeed, it is when you park your car that you want to recharge it.

He chose TotalEnergies to support him in France in the installation and management of charging stations. An obvious partner with regard to its expertise in electromobility and its range of services. We must also note the positive aspect of collaborations of this type, which pushes both companies upwards, in terms of economy and behavior.

To be more exact on the location, the deployment of terminals began in the Alpes Maritimes with the Nice Nouvel’R car park, located in the Arénas car parks and the Hôtel de Ville, George V, Bastion and Vielle Ville – Sablettes car parks in Menton. And that’s just the beginning ! We can’t wait to see the Côte d’Azur electrify more intensely.

Ambitious objectives for the Côte d’Azur

The goals are many. It is a question of linking the metropolitan territory, particularly in the middle and high country in order to offer a homogeneous service throughout the territory and accessible to the greatest number, with accelerated charging stations (22kva), but also fast, whose power is more than 50kva. It is also scheduled to strengthen the network on the coastal part of the territory.

The Nice Metropolis located in the region encourages the development of electric mobility on its territory. As part of its charging station deployment program, it offers you submit a request for the installation of a charging station on the street when it is not possible to install one in the car park of your home.

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