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“The car started accelerating on its own”, testifies the driver

As he drove off at the green light with his wife and two daughters on board, the car started accelerating on its own and it was no longer possible to control it, according to the driver. “I pump with one foot on the brake, but it doesn’t work. My wife said to me: But why are you going so fast? I answer him that it is blocked”, he testifies for the first time in “Le Parisien”. Impossible for him to stop the car which continues to accelerate. “I even try with both feet. But it does not work. »

Despite the panic, he thinks of the Tesla’s automatic braking, which stops the car when it encounters an obstacle. He then decides to “get off the road and head for the plastic studs”. But there too, nothing helps, the car continues its mad race. “So I realize we’ve lost control of the car. I am horribly afraid. It’s just the survival instinct. I take my little sister in my arms, ”says the driver’s daughter-in-law. “I put my hand on my little sister’s face to protect her. I know we’re going to hit something, like a restaurant, ”she adds.

“My stepfather is devastated”

After exceeding 100 km/h in a street limited to 30, the car hits a glass container and a traffic light. She finished her 700-meter race against a Renault Express, which in turn hit the young 19-year-old cyclist. “I’m afraid the car will explode,” recalls the daughter-in-law. “But I don’t even know how to open the door. The airbags triggered. Lots of lovely people come to help us. The worst is when I go out and find all these people lying on the ground. My stepfather is devastated. He is coughing up blood from broken glass he swallowed. He starts running everywhere to go see the victims and apologize, ”she says.

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