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Test Tesla Model 3 (2022). Still a good deal?

The best-selling electric car in the world, the Tesla Model 3 continues its incessant evolution. And it is often in small touches that Elon Musk’s protege shows changes. But for 2022 the modifications concerning the basic version, Propulsion, go deeper than a simple software update. It all starts with the heart of the car. Exit the lithium-ion battery, eclipsed in favor of an LFP block (lithium-iron-phosphate) which therefore avoids the use of cobalt. With, by the way, a slight gain in capacity on which Tesla does not communicate, as usual when it comes to battery power.

The cross-checks indicate a net capacity of 57 kWh (60 gross) for the new Model 3 Propulsion battery. The second size change is electric motor replacement by the one found on the rear axle of the Performance version; a block of the synchronous type with permanent magnet and liquid cooling. Again, no information on the engine power from the manufacturer, but it seems to be down (about 250 hp) given the lower performance, which can only be attributed to a slight increase in power. weight. The 0 to 100 km / h is indeed indicated in 6.1 s against 5.6 s previously. But we will see that, flying in hand, this basic Model 3 still has many resources.

Price Tesla Model 3 Propulsion 2022

Electric family sedans are still rare. The Model 3 measures 4.69 m.

It’s the waltz of prices in the automobile… and not in a good way. The Model 3 suffers more than the others from inflation with three successive price increases since the end of 2021. From €43,800 with a bonus of €6,000, the amount has risen to €49,990, including the bonus reduced to €2,000. In a few weeks, the American has therefore inflated its price by €10,190! Once this cold shower has passed, we console ourselves by saying that this price is close to what it was when it was launched in 2019 (48,600 €) and that the competition is not doing much better.

It remains to be seen what the impact will be on sales in 2022, knowing that a model ordered today is available in February 2023 if we do not take an option. This deadline is reduced to November 2022 if you tick one option (metallic paint for example) and even to August 2022 if you choose two (metallic paint and 19-inch rims for example). A way for Tesla to push the consumption of its Model 3, whose versions delivered in France come from the factory in Shanghai (China). Note that this site is experiencing production cuts for health reasons which can still change the situation on delivery times.

tesla model 3 drive and test
tesla model 3 storage

Despite its inflation, the Model 3 remains well placed compared to a basic BMW i4, displayed at €59,700. Above all, the standard equipment of the American is very extensive (see next page). The car has also continued to evolve by small touches in terms of cosmetics and equipment since its launch. It now offers a satin black exterior finish replacing the chrome, a new center console with an induction charger for two smartphones, a heat pump, double front glazing and an exterior speaker. Finally, the steering wheel, front seats, bench seat and wiper are heated, while the on-board computer features a new, more powerful processor (AMD Ryzen, used in game consoles), which makes the screen more fluid and responsive.

Autonomy Tesla Model 3 2022

With its change of battery and motor, the Model 3 Propulsion has an improved WLTP range of 510 km compared to 448 previously. Value that goes down to 491 km with the optional 19-inch wheels that we do not recommend for reasons of efficiency and comfort. In order to see more clearly on the side of the real autonomy and consumption, we carried out our course dedicated to the autonomy of electric cars with this new Model 3 Propulsion. The American stood out there since no sedan of its rank had so far fallen below the 20 kWh per 100 km mark on the motorway exercise – a portion that we do at 130 km / h on our GPS – with 19.3 kWh exactly. This induces a real autonomy of 295 km on the highway.

tesla model 3 cooldown
tesla model 3 autonomy and battery consumption

The result is even more remarkable on the road course with 14 kWh per 100 km and a real autonomy of 407 km considering the battery capacity. If these ranges are far from what the higher versions can do (Great Autonomy and Performance), we still have with this basic Model 3 a great versatility to do the week without recharging.

As for trips, they are facilitated by the quality and reliability of the network of Tesla superchargers, but also by the trip planner integrated into the GPS. With remarkable precision and responsiveness, it indicates locations, downtime, availability of terminals and percentage of battery at destination. Regarding charging, the Model 3 Propulsion accepts 170 kW direct current. This is far from the 250 kW of the other versions, but above many competitors. The average charging rate on superchargers is €0.46/kW, which is competitive on the major axes. And we must emphasize once again the ease of use of the Tesla terminals: just plug in to trigger the charge. Here, there is no need for a subscription card, QR code or application to connect.


Despite its backward acceleration on the 0 to 100 km/h exercise, the Model 3 Propulsion loses none of its flying interest. We certainly note a touch of brilliance less, but the performances are always of a very good level to blend in with traffic, overtake in complete serenity or go well when autonomy allows it. In any case, there are enough resources to take advantage of the still dynamic chassis, well supported by the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires on our test version. The very incisive direction and the general reactivity also contribute to the pleasure that one experiences in leading this American. For the most nervous, there is still the Performance version, but the price is no longer the same.

tesla model 3 vintage 2022

Among the evolutions of the Model 3, we will note the activation of the side cameras when the turn signal is engaged to display the image on the center display. A false good idea because, when you want to disengage, you look more naturally towards the left mirror than towards this screen located on the right. We would have preferred Tesla to take a little more care of the air noise on the highway, which is always too present, or to work on the damping, which is not very conciliatory when the bitumen generates bumps.

It is always by its ease of use, its hyper-reactive screen and its refined furniture that the Model 3 stands out from the rest of the production. There’s an atmosphere in the cabin like no other, and the newly upgraded audio system offers a listening quality that would make the premium models green with envy. A treat to unroll the playlists Spotify integrated into the system. Among the few options, Tesla offers the enhanced Autopilot; expensive equipment (€3,800) for the services rendered (lane change and car parking), knowing that the car is fitted as standard with adaptive cruise control with lane keeping. As for the fully autonomous driving capability with the upcoming promise of automated city driving, the price is exorbitant (€7,500) and how it works is still science fiction in many cases. To be avoided therefore.

Find the results of the test, the technical sheet, the prices and the standard equipment on the following page.


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