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Tesla offers an auto insurance rate adjusted in real time

The Californian manufacturer Tesla is continuing its breakthrough in the connected car insurance market. Originally only available in the golden stateits insurance policy can now be purchased in eight other states (Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Virginia).

How does connected car insurance work?

In these new territories, Tesla will use real-time driving data from motorists to establish a “security score”. It’s this ” note “ who will determine whether or not the insured is “a good driver”and so his insurance premium.

The latter depends on the risk that the motorist represents for the insurer : the higher the risk of loss/accident, the more the insurer will fear having to compensate the insured often, and the more he will increase the car insurance premium accordingly.

In France, and everywhere else most often, this level of risk is calculated following a quick form: the profile of the insured (age, place of residence, background, etc.) and his vehicle (powerful car or not, age, damage, etc.) lead to a price, as on our site.


A chance to save on your auto insurance?

However, in recent years, a new way of calculating has also been developed, taken up here by Tesla: it is the principle of “pay how you drive”thanks to which good drivers are rewarded with a lower auto premium. To measure good driving behavior (compliance with speeds, signs, pedestrian crossings, etc.) insurers have two tools:

  • the placement of a connected box under the bonnet which analyzes driving data,
  • the development of a smartphone application which allows, when on board, to evaluate driving behavior.

It is for this second option that Tesla has opted, with its “Tesla App”. Connected to data that also comes directly from the vehicle, it takes into account the number of collision warnings, the amount of hard braking, cornering speed, compliance with safety distances, the number of forced clutch releases, etc.

This compiled information gives a score out of 100, which varies the car insurance premium every month. At first glance, there is everything to fear that with a bounty “variable” some months are particularly expensive. Tesla assures, however, that even with a score ” medium “ rates would remain lower than those charged by traditional insurers.

Conversely, the best grades could, according to Tesla, save between 30% and 60% on their car insurance by opting for this connected formula. It should be remembered that the price of coverage for a Tesla remains prohibitive today: according to our latest studies, it is quite simply the most expensive brand to insure, with an average premium of more than 1,000 euros per year.

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