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Tesla Model 3 prices continue to soar

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After months of stability, nothing seems to be stopping the price spike at Tesla. This time, it is the prices of the Long Autonomy and Performance versions of the Model 3 which are revised upwards.

With the component crisis, prices are soaring among electric car manufacturers. Tesla is obviously no exception to the rule with its Model 3, its most popular car. While the basic version is now priced at €50,990 excluding bonuses, the Long Autonomy and Performance models have once again suffered from inflation.

Now at the limit of the bonus allocation criteria, the Model 3 Long Autonomy goes from 58,990 to 59,990 €i.e. an increase of 1,000 euros. The Model 3 Performance sees its price jump by €2,000, from €62,990 to €64,990.

Version Rate
Model 3 €50,990
Model 3 Long Autonomy €59,990
Model 3 Performance €64,990

If this price increase is of course not irreversible, it is difficult to imagine Tesla backtracking in the coming months as the situation in the auto market is complicated. With the Ukrainian crisis and the new lockdowns observed in China due to the health situation, the prices of all parts are increasing. Inflation that forces manufacturers to adjust their prices to maintain their margins. Tesla is not the only brand to apply price increases. At Kia, the price of the EV6 also jumped a few weeks ago. Ditto at Renault with the ZOE or Dacia with the Spring, the price of which has gone from €16,800 at launch to nearly €20,000 today.

Extended delivery times

Beyond prices, delivery times are also very fluctuating, depending on the ability of manufacturers to stock up on components. At Tesla, a Model 3 ordered today will not be delivered before 2023with the exception of the Performance version, announced for the last quarter of 2022.

If you want to receive your Tesla this year, the other solution is to fall back on the Tesla Model Y whose deliveries are indicated between August and September 2022.

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