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Tesla Autopilot involved in 273 accidents in the United States since 2021?

The US Highway Safety Regulatory Authority announces that 273 accidents have involved Teslas since July 2021. A significant number in vehicles equipped with level 2 autonomous driving.

The NHTSA report on the number of accidents in which a level 2 driving assistant was activated clearly shows two “culprits”: Tesla, and Honda. The American brand represents 70% of reports on the 392 accidents listed in this report, which only covers level 2 autonomous cars, with the system active. In fact, the Tesla system is the worst of those tested by NHTSA at several automakers in accident volumes. A number which would not however be exhaustive since the same accident may have been reported several times, but the debate is still once again being revived around the capacities of these driving assistants who are far from being real masterminds. autonomous.

Tesla in the sights of NHTSA

Obviously, the number of accidents recorded does not necessarily mean that Tesla is the worst brand of all in this area since the number of Tesla vehicles equipped with level 2 autonomous driving is higher than other manufacturers, apart from brands that do not than high end. So it could just as well be a matter of the proportionality of the cars on the road.

This report, however, comes at a bad time for Tesla since NHTSA has already opened a preliminary investigation into the relationship between Autopilot and the crashes. An investigation that could lead to a recall according to the conclusions of the organization. And force Tesla to review the scope of its technology, until it is perfectly safe in the eyes of the authorities.

Published on 06/16/2022 Updated 06/16/2022 Matthew Ganna

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