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Saint-Paul: young people steal a trolley filled with bottles of alcohol in a supermarket, hundreds of euros lost

It is a surreal scene that took place in the Leader Price du Guillaume, in Saint Paul, on Tuesday June 14th. Two young individuals stole a trolley filled with foodstuffs but especially bottles of alcohol. The store manager talks about the facts. The scene is unlikely. A trolley filled with alcohol and food was stolen … Read more

Legal assistance dogs for children

During the hearing, the dog lies down next to the child, puts his head on his knees, and can stick more or less strongly against him. 305686829/VLRS – stock.adobe.com They are trained to accompany and calm minors questioned by investigators. Six are currently employed in France. At the Saint-Lô hospital, in the Manche department, the … Read more

Believing to have been stolen from his restaurant tickets, a Cannes resident attacks his neighbor with a knife

Quite upset after an outing in the city center where he felt he had been insulted several times by various interlocutors, a 60-year-old man from Cannes suddenly attacked his neighbor violently last Tuesday afternoon. Reason: on returning home, the irascible sexagenarian thought that his restaurant tickets had been stolen. Knock Knock knock. When he opened … Read more

Young people physically attack him in St-Denis and unleash their dogs on him: “They were going to tear off my leg”

Last Friday evening, Thierry* took some fresh air in rue de Lorraine in St-Denis. He is physically attacked by several young people. When he tries to run away, they unleash their dogs on him. Thierry* was injured in his legs and filed a complaint with the police. They attack him and unleash their dogs on … Read more

Dog owners furious with environmentalists

Hen or rooster? This is often what we hear when we get a spikelet. In Lyon, we rather ask ourselves: cat or dog? Activists from the BICALY collective denounce the proliferation of spikelets, which are very harmful to urban animals, due to the city’s ecological policy. The City of Lyon and the Metropolis, in accordance … Read more

Near Le Havre, a fryer fire forces a restaurant to close temporarily

Posted on 06/5/2022 at 16:57 The firefighters intervened at the Côte et Mer restaurant in Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, near Le Havre, Saturday June 4, 2022. A fryer caught fire in the kitchen, forcing the establishment to remain closed for the moment. No injuries are to be deplored but the staff is on technical unemployment. The restaurant is … Read more

a memorial for the billions of animals killed erected in Old Lyon

This Sunday, for the first time Lyon will host the NARD, National Animal Rights Day. This annual day commemorates “the billions of animals that have been abused and killed during the year by humans, in factory farms, slaughterhouses, fur farms, laboratories, hunting grounds, circuses, zoos, rodeos, etc.” From 2 p.m., in front of the Saint-Jean … Read more

Tanzania lifts wildlife export ban

Tanzania has lifted its ban on the export of wild animals, in place for six years to protect mammals and birds from this East African country. “The government has conducted an assessment of live wildlife exports since the ban and has lifted the ban.» Traders will have six months, from June 6 to December 5, … Read more

he steals a spare key and robs the restaurant

The first facts date back to April 4. During the day on Monday, a young man entered a restaurant located rue Henri-IV in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon to steal a duplicate key. In the evening, once the establishment closed, he returned to steal the entire contents of the cash register. He also took care … Read more

A couple caught having sex on the edge of a cliff in front of a restaurant

06/01 SHARES The scene happened last week in Falmouth, UK. While eating on the terrace, customers of the “Hooked on the Rocks” restaurant were surprised by the antics of a couple. The two young people were installed on the edge of a cliff, visible from the restaurant terrace: “All the customers saw the couple making … Read more