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SpaceX employees fired after criticizing Elon Musk

At SpaceX, it is better not to speak ill of the CEO. Several company employees were fired for criticizing Elon Musk in an open letter to their leaders, released last Wednesday.

The signatories point to the caustic tweets and behavior of Elon Musk, described as “frequent source of distraction and embarrassment” for SpaceX, a company specializing in space exploration of which he is the director.

The letter, published by The Vergementions “recent allegations against [le] PDG and his public bashing of the situation”. Last month, the press revealed that a complaint of “sexual assault” had been covered up by the company in 2018. The richest man in the world has always denied the facts, and joked about the accusation with his sarcasm usual.

The letter also criticizes the lack of inclusiveness within SpaceX. The writers and signatories, whose number is unknown, describe themselves as “employees from all spectrums of gender, ethnicity, seniority and technical roles”. They make an explicit appeal to their colleagues and superiors: “Publicly denounce and condemn Elon’s prejudicial behavior on Twitter. “In full redemption of the social network by the billionaire, even the teams of Twitter were worried about his freedom of tone with a discriminatory tendency.

Shared on an internal chat channel on Wednesday, the letter was quickly made public. the New York Times got a message that Gwynne Shotwell, president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, sent internally. She confirms the dismissal of a number of “employees involved” in the letter: “The letter, the solicitations and the general process made the employees feel uncomfortable, intimidated […] because the letter caused them to sign something that did not reflect their opinions,” she said.

Gwynne Shotwell calls the controversy “excessive activism” and asks employees to continue their work: “Please stay focused on the SpaceX mission […] This is how we will get to Mars. »

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