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SNCF introduces a single price for pets

The train ticket for a pet on TGV Inoui, Intercités and TER trains will now cost 7 euros, regardless of the weight and size of the animal.

SNCF is simplifying its pricing policy for travelers leaving with their pet. As explained by Capital, the railway company has been offering train tickets since June 23 at a single price of 7 euros for animals traveling in TGV Inoui, Intercités trains and TER trains. Guide dogs obviously remain exempt from tickets.

Previously, only animals weighing less than six kilos and fitting in a basket were eligible for the €7 rate. For the others, the ticket price was “50% of the full price of a second class ticket, calculated on the basis of a mileage scale”.


Another novelty: it is now possible to take the option to travel with your pet directly on the SNCF website or application without having to go to the station to buy the ticket.

Finally, note that another rate applies for Ouigos with a ticket price for pets which recently went from 15 to 10 euros.

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