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Several animals rescued from an abandoned house in Estaimpuis

Residents of a house were concerned about the fate of several mistreated animals by calling on the Silence animal association in Mouscron. Thanks to the rapid intervention of the police of Pecq and the order of the mayor of Estaimpuis as well as the invaluable help of its secretary, the ASBL, which fights against animal mistreatment, was able to take care of all the animals in this house abandoned for many days by the owners.

Living in terrible conditions, two ferrets without water or food, in a totally cadaverous state and staggering even from weakness, were able to be released from this hell. A dozen cats, most of which were extremely thin, were taken in by the Cité des Hurlus association.

These animals are not identified…

Also staying without water and without food, the felines collected are unsterilized, unidentified and had litter boxes full of excrement. A dog with a gouged out eye, unidentified, locked in a collapsible cage without water or food for days, three hens and a rooster, also very thin without water or food were taken care of. Finally, a rabbit in disastrous health and badly maintained, two parakeets rotting in their own excrement and three snakes were removed from this dwelling. Now is the time for these abused animals to enjoy life again.

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