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Roads: Geneva inspectors drive in Tesla


The police at the end of the lake have an electric racing car. But that’s to go unnoticed.

The Geneva police have an electric car of this type at their disposal: a Tesla Model 3.


Most Geneva police officers drive a Skoda Octavia, the car used for patrols. But, surprise, the police also have a powerful Tesla at their disposal. And even if it may seem paradoxical at first glance, this electric car is actually used to go unnoticed.

The “Tribune de Genève” had the good idea to obtain the inventory of the Geneva police car fleet. And therefore reveals that there is a Tesla Model 3, bought for 59,000 francs at the start of 2020. Used by inspectors, its large engine – 490 horsepower – can prove useful. But it is mainly used to blend in with the decor in opulent environments.

“It is above all a question of discretion in the context in which certain inspectors traditionally operate. In some circles, you are less spotted with a Tesla than with a white Skoda, ”explains police spokesman Silvain Guillaume-Gentil in the Geneva daily.

The Geneva police also have at their disposal an armored Audi A8 L Quattro, which has been loaned to them. It is mainly intended for the transport of personalities who require special protection.

Finally, to be able to follow any racing cars, the Geneva police still have three powerful cars. These are two armored Mercedes-Benz E 500 Guards, leased to the Confederation. And a Cupra Formentor.

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