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Renault is working on smart parking

Tesla Magazine likes to keep you up to date with crisp information and good deals, especially in the electric world. 3 days ago, a more than interesting announcement was made: EasyPark and Renault join forces to launch new automated parking functions!

The future of parking is now

Mobility technology company EasyPark and car brand Renault have launched a new collaboration that allows motorists to take part in the future of parking. Together, the two companies are integrating the functionalities of the EasyPark application directly into the infotainment system of Renault’s new Megane E-Tech Electric.

Particularly innovative and practical, it will undoubtedly appeal to users!

Directly download the application

The new partnership between EasyPark and Renault makes it possible to integrate the EasyPark application into Renault’s brand new Megane E-Tech Electric car model. Motorists can download the application directly from the vehicle’s infotainment system.

They thus discover several new options and features to further enhance their driving experience. The “Autostop” function in particular automatically ends the parking session when the car leaves its place. Well thought !

Towards fully digital parking?

“The innovative solutions we are creating together with Renault represent the future of a fully digital parking experience. By integrating our award-winning app in vehicle infotainment systems, we offer more options to make parking and mobility even easier. Integrating the app directly into the vehicle is one step closer to a future where the car will start and stop parking sessions autonomously says Cameron Clayton, CEO of EasyPark Group.

If this discourse remains forward-looking, we suspect that the future may look like it… For ever more comfort and safety! Without forgetting the freedom to focus on the essentials in our daily lives.

Easily manage the parking of your vehicle

Renault’s “OpenR Link” multimedia system is based on the Android Automotive operating system. By downloading the application from the vehicle’s dashboard, the driver can manage the parking of his vehicle, without the use of a physical tool or smartphone.

In addition, the app integration paves the way for many other innovations. And we can’t wait to see which ones… Indeed, manufacturers are always very good at releasing their innovations in dribs and drabs. But we know in advance that this one, like those to come, will be followed by others.

Partnerships with other brands

EasyPark has already entered into similar partnerships with automotive brands VOlvo, Polestar and Mercedes Benz. Some may be coming? In any case, we hope so because it’s never ideal to see other owners having options, each cooler than the other, with their vehicles when you can’t yourself…

From today, the application can also be downloaded via Google Play Store from the console of the electric Mégane E-Tech and on all vehicles compatible with the OpenR Link.

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