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RATP video surveillance images also deleted!

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New snub for the organization of the Champions League final. Many incidents occurred on the evening of the match near the Stade de France and French justice has just opened a new investigation into the facts of theft, aggravated theft and aggravated violence. Already, the CCTV images of the Stade de France had been deleted after 7 days, not being requested by the authorities.

According to information from Figaro and Parisian, it would be the same for that of the RATP, which could help the investigation, while several supporters would have been attacked in transport on the evening of the match. The RATP explained the reasons for this destruction: “the RATP has more than 51,000 video protection cameras, including 15,000 in our spaces. The retention period for images from video protection cameras is 72 hours for storage reasons, they are automatically overwritten by new recordings”

On the other hand, have the SNCF images been kept, as the company explained in the columns of the Figaro : “Normally, they are deleted after three days, but in the context of the events of Saturday May 28, the deletion was blocked and the images kept for 30 days, as the legal duration”

to summarize

RATP CCTV footage from the night of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid has been removed. Many incidents occurred during the organization of the meeting.

Arnaud Dechelotte

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