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Product recall: this must-have food from Leclerc may be contaminated with listeria, it should not be eaten

The difficulty of shopping

While the daily life of the French is constantly upset for many reasons. Shortages of basic foodstuffs due to drought in Canada and the United States last year. Or because of the current global situation, it becomes difficult to shop. To these shortages of products must also be added the inflation suffered by France. INSEE announces that in May 2022 inflation rose to more than 5%. And if with the tightening budget they still manage to buy products, many products are recalled, today it is the turn of an E.Leclerc product.

Between inflation, shortages and risk of contamination or product hygiene problems, it becomes very complicated to maintain one’s habits in a constantly changing society like ours. Indeed many products are recalled. Frozen pizzas, kinder, cans, Italian sauces or even minced meat and many other products. Although the causes are different, the problem remains the same, these products endanger the health of those who consume them, like this product sold by E.Leclerc.

Listeria for aperitif at E.Leclerc

Summer is back, aperitifs too, although they are not for everyone, some products come back with the wind in their sails during the hot weather. If during the winter the appetizers are rather hot like the préfou or petit fours, in summer we prefer those which are fresh. But now one of his fresh appetizers is contaminated. This is the case of ham rolls which are sold at E.Leclerc and which are very popular. But these present a risk of listeria and should therefore not be consumed!

Garlic and fine herbs ham rolls sold at E.Leclerc and created by themselves. They may have traces or listeria, which therefore causes listeriosis.

To have the complete reference of the product, you can find it on the official site, site of the government. The 100g garlic and herb smoked ham rolls are therefore a significant risk for consumers. In addition, the product has a very long DLC ​​until the end of June 2022, and represents a very high risk. IF you realize that you have this product, you are strongly encouraged to bring it back to the store in order to have a refund. You can also just throw it in the trash.

What is listeriosis?

If these ham rolls from E.Leclerc represent a health risk, which ones are they? Monocytogenic listeria is one of the causes of listeriosis. If you have the slightest doubt about a product or want to be informed of new recalls, you are invited to consult the site


On the site, the precise reference of the lot is communicated, as well as the risks of consumption could entail. Listeriosis causes more or less high fever, headaches and digestive problems. So don’t take any risks, and bring back or throw away contaminated products if you have any.

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