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Paul Pogba annoyed by Manchester United

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The Athletic was treated to excerpts from the documentary on Paul Pogba, The Pogmentaryand shared some of the passages:“My thought process is to show Manchester that they made a mistake in waiting to offer me a contract. And to show other clubs that Manchester made a mistake by not offering me a contract.” confided La Pioche.

In another excerpt, the Frenchman seemed annoyed by the Red Devils’ attitude towards him: “Has Manchester (United) made a second offer?”he asked Mino Raiola, who replied: “Paul, you are in a very special situation. You have no idea. They absolutely want you to stay. For me, the offer does not reflect that. I told them: ‘If you want him to stay, don’t make this offer’. I will make them understand that if they really want you to stay and want to build a project around you, this time they have to act differently and put the money on the table. “They’re bluffing”concluded the 2018 world champion.

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