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Parrot Sleeps In Owner’s Bed And Gets Upset When Blanket Is Pulled

The story of a spoiled parrot: It is not uncommon to see people sleeping in the same bed as their dog, their cat or even their rabbit. On this occasion, a woman caught the attention of TikTok followers by sharing her resting place with her little parrot. However, the bird’s singular behavior has drawn more than a few laughs from animal lovers.

As the video posted on social media shows, the parrot was lying on his owner’s bed. However, he got upset when the cover was taken away from him to film the clip.

Parrot sleeps in owner’s bed and gets upset when blanket is pulled

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The parrot pulled the quilt back with its beak to cover itself and continue to sleep peacefully in his mistress’s bed. It didn’t take long for the footage to go viral on TikTok, as this unusual behavior of these cheeky, talkative feathered creatures is rarely seen.

So far, the video has 53,000 “likes”, more than 1,700 comments and thousands of shares.

Undoubtedly, the parrot’s reaction left social media followers speechless; many claim that the bird sleeps better than humans:

“At first I thought the parrot was already cold and hard hahahaha, what a relief”, commented one user.

“This parrot has a better bed than me”said one of them.

“Magnificent, his expression of the bird as if to say let me sleep”, commented one last.

Below is a fun video:

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