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OM regrets for Boubacar Kamara and tackles his agent

Trained at OM and become essential to the collective of Jorge Sampaoli, Boubacar Kamara has grown in recent months on the Canebière. The 22-year-old defensive midfielder, free as air at the end of the season, nevertheless left Marseille for Aston Villa without any transfer compensation. An outcome that the Marseille club deeply regrets, if we are to believe the words of Jacques Cardoze. OM’s communications director, present on the set of BFM Marseille this Monday, also sent a message to the player’s agent called for the first time by Didier Deschamps in recent days.

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“I think I can say today that there were three contract proposals, with very different formulas, including one where the salary was very very high. Kamara was respected by Pablo Longoria, respected by the club. […] What I can reveal to you is that on Christmas Day, Pablo Longoria received a phone call from Kamara’s agent promising him that he would not go free. It has nothing to do with the player, he had a remarkable season until the last minute. But from a club point of view, we are inevitably disappointed. During the season, we wondered if a very big club was going to position itself, in which case we might not have had the means to fight. Today, I think we can have regrets. »

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