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om | OM – Malaise: The Longoria clan slips a small tackle to Sampaoli!

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OM communications manager Jacques Cardoze spoke of Jorge Sampaoli’s outspokenness, especially during press conferences.

Boiling on the bench during meetings, Jorge Sampaoli does not hesitate, either, to be himself during press conferences. The coach of theOM took advantage of these meetings with journalists to express its thoughts on sensitive subjects and send messages to its managers. Sampaoli did not hesitate, a few days ago, to ask for reinforcements from Pablo Longoria in the press room. Responsible for communication atOM, Jacques Cardoze praised the authenticity of the Argentinian technician, even if he prefers a little more discretion at times.

“For journalists, it’s an excellent client, but…”

For journalists, it is an excellent client. He is sincere, genuine. But it’s true that when you’re in a position like mine, you rather want ultra-protection. We don’t want him to take any risks. All the subjects that can surround the club, beyond the result, as director of communication, it scares you. Because players need to be ultra-protected. We are in a city like Marseille, where we talk about OM all the time, because there is passion. This authenticity that he has is courageous because he adds a form of pressure ” told Jacques Cardoze at the microphone of BFMMarseilles.

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