Najat Kaanache “For my clients, I am Moroccan. For Moroccans, I am a foreigner” - DALTONHURD

Najat Kaanache “For my clients, I am Moroccan. For Moroccans, I am a foreigner”

After having opened its seventh restaurant in Rabat, Najat announced the opening, independently, of another in Seville, its first in Spain. It will be located on the first floor of the Taberna del Alabardero in Seville. “His name will be Ziryab (poet, gourmet, musician and Muslim singer of the 9th century…) and will of course serve Andalusian cuisine,” she said in an interview with 7canibales.

The Basco-Moroccan does not consider herself a “businesswoman”. “I’m the boss. Cooking is my way of interacting with the world. The profession of restaurant manager arrived like that and I accept it. And I must say that I like to create different spaces”, explains Najat who does not deny his Moroccan origins.

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“I cook Moroccan, but not tajine or couscous. I moved to Morocco because I found peace here. I feel free. For my clients, I am Moroccan. On the other hand, for Moroccans, I am a foreigner. In the end, I come from nowhere, ”she nuances.

“We have gone through a difficult period in recent years. Many stores and businesses did not survive, and many others had to convert,” laments the chef, referring to the perverse effects of the health crisis. For Najat, “we must respect the farmer, the fisherman, the baker… But we must not forget the workers who toil all day for 30 euros. When you enjoy eating a good tomato, it’s important to know what’s behind it…”, she explains.

Born to Moroccan parents, Najat grew up in San Sebastian. After training in the best kitchens in the world, she moved to the Medina of Fez in 2016 where she opened Nur, her first restaurant, ranked Best Restaurant in Africa and Best Moroccan Restaurant in the World.

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