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Montpellier: Design and intimacy, the new address of chef Guillaume Leclère opens on June 28

The starred chef Guillaume Leclère has left rue de la Valfère for a new, larger space, both in the dining room and in the kitchen, rue André-Michel, near the Jeu-de-Paume. A completely refurbished place, which opens its doors on June 28.

A tunnel of mirrors, followed by a large room lit by a skylight, where stone, wood and stainless steel harmonize: this is how Guillaume Leclère’s new restaurant is revealed, at 8 rue André-Michel, between Boulevard du Jeu-de-Paume and Cours Gambetta. The chef, who confirmed his star in the Michelin Guide this year, had closed his previous address, rue de la Valfère, last January. It opens on June 28 this place entirely redesigned by the architect Pierre-Cyrille Acquier, on the ground floor of a beautiful old building.

While the first customers are expected in a few days, the craftsmen are putting the finishing touches to this brand new setting, while the chef and his team are testing the menu project. “At lunchtime, we taste together what we have prepared, the dishes take shape”, explains Guillaume Leclère. His way of working remains the same: “Spontaneous local cuisine, with fresh products that we seek out every day”. For two weeks, the chef and his collaborators (they have gone from 4 to 9), have been making their mark behind the granite counter, in the kitchen, the surface area of ​​which has almost tripled compared to the previous restaurant. “To design it, each member of the team expressed their needs, such as the desired height of the worktops”.

“A relaxed, modern atmosphere”

More space, for more comfort in working and welcoming the public: this is what prompted the chef from Montpellier to transfer his brand to this former medical office, formerly stables of which restored walls and beautiful arcades remain . This 200 m plateau2 gave free rein to the project. “We wanted to respect the place which carries a story, offer a relaxed, modern and accessible atmosphere, but which gives a feeling of professionalism”.

Important element: the kitchen open to the dining room: “With the architect, we wanted there to be a global view of the kitchen, a transparent side. For my part, I need to see the emotions of the customers in the room”. Indirect lighting highlights the tables, chairs and benches, some under alcoves. “The idea is to welcome customers into our cocoon during their meal. To create precise lighting, directed on the tables”. Enough to offer a global experience, both in flavors and in visuals. To be discovered next Tuesday. The restaurant will remain open throughout July and August.

Leclère, 8 rue André-Michel. Lunch Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 4 courses, €50. Dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, 6 courses, €75. Reservations: or 04 67 68 96 85.

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