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Mercato OM: Longoria’s objective for this transfer window

After Mohamed Ali Cho, it is another priority track which will pass under the eyes of the leaders of OM. Indeed, whileAxel Witsel was in advanced negotiations with OM,Belgian midfielder expected to join Atletico Madrid according to the media of his country, the RTBF. His contract is due to be signed on Tuesday and should be on a one-year lease, with an optional additional season.

In today’s edition, Provence discusses the reasons for these failures. Re Axel Witsel, it is a personal decision to join Atletico. But Mohamed Ali Cho would have been too greedy towards the Marseille management. According to information from the regional daily, the objective of Pablo Longoria is clear: he wants to preserve a salary balance that he has put in place in the locker room. This therefore explains why the Marseille management did not enter into a one-upmanship game concerning the Angevin, even if it meant letting him go away.


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