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Mercato | Mercato Mercato – PSG: The date of the departure of Kylian Mbappé already known?

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Long courted by Real Madrid, Kylian Mbappé has finally extended his contract until 2025 with PSG. Florentino Pérez, who is still very upset against the French striker, does not rule out returning to the charge in three years to try his luck with Mbappé.

It’s a fact, the soap opera Kylian Mbappe will have occupied a major place in the news transfer window from PSG for months since the French striker, who was initially coming to the end of his contract at the Parc des Princes, was expected by the real Madrid who wished to enlist him free. Ultimately, Mbappe extended with the PSG a bit to everyone’s surprise at the end of May, thus putting a rabbit on the merengue club which had nevertheless made it its absolute priority in the transfer window. And Florentino Perez don’t digest…

Mbappé volleyed by Pérez

Wednesday evening, at the microphone of the program El Chiringuito, the president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez returned to the last minute extension of Kylian Mbappe with the PSG and he knocked out the attitude of the tricolor striker: “ This Mbappé is not the one I knew. The Mbappé who does not want to participate in sponsorship operations is not the Mbappé I want. No player is above the club. I believed in Mbappé who had a dream (…) Emmanuel Macron called Kylian Mbappé, it makes no sense. PSG offered him to be the leader of the project, that changed everything. I didn’t see the same Kylian Mbappé we wanted (…) Mbappé had a dream, we tried to buy it last summer. And it took a year. He kept wanting to come and 15 days before, everything changed. Because of political pressure and for economic reasons “, has indicated Perez. But is it still possible to see one day Mbappe under the jersey of real Madrid following this episode and saw their new reports?

Real back on Mbappé in 2025?

Florentino Perezin that same interview, made it clear that he would try to bring in Kylian Mbappe in three years, in 2025, at the end of his new contract with the PSG : “ I never said it was over forever between Kylian Mbappé. and Real Madrid. I never said that. In three years, a lot can change “. It remains to be seen whether Mbappe will this time be willing to leave the PSG to land in Spain.

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