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Mercato | Mercato Mercato – PSG: New confirmation for the transfer of Zidane to Paris

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Big dream of the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain, Zinedine Zidane will not succeed Mauricio Pochettino. The former Real Madrid indeed seems much more interested in a possible place that could become available at the head of the France team, towards the end of the year. Thus, it is indeed Christophe Galtier who will land, as we announced to you exclusively on

It’s been almost a month. A month of speculation of debates and failed or failed negotiations, which shaped the succession of Mauricio Pochettino. Because if the departure of the latter has become inevitable, the identity of his replacement has long been unclear. Zinedine Zidane has indeed always been the big favorite of the Qatari owners, determined to strike a huge blow after the extension of Kylian Mbappé. Several media like European 1 and RMC Sportseven announced the imminent arrival of the man who won three consecutive Champions Leagues with the Real Madrid, tasked with repeating his feat at the PSG. However, this mission does not seem to appeal Zidane. As of June 10, we revealed to you exclusively that the next coach of the PSG it won’t be him, but a Christophe Galtier who was offered the most ambitious project of his career.

Nothing to do for Zidane

Many have changed their minds in recent days, finally confirming what we were able to tell you about the succession of Mauricio Pochettino, whose departure seems to have already been confirmed. The Parisian has indeed announced an agreement with the Argentinian and his staff and this Friday confirms the trend for Zinedine Zidane. The latter would always remain a dream of the leaders of the Paris Saint Germain, but only an incredible clap of thunder could turn him away from the France team and the post of coach, with the contract of Didier Deschamps which ends next December. According to information from the daily, no semblance of an agreement has ever seemed to be in sight for Zidane, unlike a Christophe Galtier who seems to be eager for all this to finally end. It must be said that things are not going at all well for him at the moment.OGC Nicewhere its replacement would already be held with Lucian Favré. With the PSG knocking at his door, Galtier perhaps holds the chance of a lifetime, he who had just blown the title of Champion of France under the nose of the giant of Ligue 1, just a year ago.

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