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Mercato | Mercato Mercato – OM: The big blow Axel Witsel takes shape for Pablo Longoria

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To strengthen themselves in the midfield, Olympique de Marseille has made Axel Witsel its priority in this summer transfer window. The midfielder is coming to the end of his contract with Borussia Dortmund, and as 10 Sport have revealed to you, talks are ongoing between the two parties. A case in which OM have their chances according to L’Équipe.

Despite the efforts of pablo LongoriaI’OM failed to convince Boubacar Kamara to renew its lease ending on June 30. The Marseille club has therefore seen its midfielder leave freely and must now consider the question of his successor, and there are already many leads. Jordan Veretout (AS Roma) Miralem Pjanic (FC Barcelona), danilo (Palmeiras) and Francis Coquelin (Villarreal) are particularly targeted, as are Axel Witsel (Borussia Dortmund) as revealed to you by At 33, the Belgian international is coming to the end of his contract and can therefore join the club of his choice, a boon for theOlympic Marseillewho will still have to show ingenuity in the transfer market to strengthen themselves at a lower cost. pablo Longoria didn’t drag to move up a gear.

It discusses with Axel Witsel

According to our information, it has been two weeks since discussions started between theOM and Axel Witsel. And for good reason, The Team explain that pablo Longoria does not want to hang around and wants to get his hands on the successor of Boubacar Kamara as soon as possible in order to allow his future summer reinforcement to adapt quickly to the Marseille workforce. After having favored the arrival of young players, the president of theOM is now targeting more experienced profiles so as not to make an appearance in the Champions League. What justify Marseille’s interest in Axel Witsel. The sports daily confirms the discussions between the two parties for a few weeks and adds that theOM has his chances, since the future ex-player of the BVB wants to stay in Europe, while it also arouses envy in the United States as well as in Turkey and Germany. ” A great project in Europe will make it easier to stay on top. At 33, we think differently than at 25. I take my family more into consideration… but I want to stay at the top level “, recently confided the midfielder concerning the rest of his career. As indicated by, Axel Witsel is seduced by the Marseille project, allowing Longoria to have any hope of closing this file.

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