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Lucid Motors. Heading for Europe for the anti-Model S!

The Californian firm Lucid Motors has just opened a point of sale in Munich and is targeting the European market at the end of 2022. The Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance and Range hit hard with a price of €218,000. But this rival of the Tesla Model S will also be offered in wiser and less expensive versions.

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The Californian manufacturer of electric vehicles Lucid Motors has just opened a showroom in Munich, Germany.


Presented at the end of 2016 in the United States, the large statutory electric sedan from the Californian firm Lucid Motors is coming to Europe. Here are the prices and technical specifications of the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance and Range. This rival of the Tesla Model S claims a range of 900 km and a power of 1,126 hp for the most emblematic versions. For its establishment in Europe, the American brand did not choose at random, it first targets the city of Munich – stronghold of BMW and where Audi is also very well represented – with a dealership which opened its doors in mid-May. 2022 at Odeonsplatz. Subsequently, the commercial offensive will extend to other German cities, as well as to the Netherlands, Norway, Monaco, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. Without forgetting of course France.

Lucid Air Data Sheet

Dream Edition Performance Dream Edition Range
Engine Two 4WD motors Two 4WD motors
Total power (hp/kW) 1,126 / 828 946 / 696
Torque (Nm) 1,390 1,390
0 to 100 km/h (s) 2.7 2.9
Vmax (km/h) 270 270
Front – rear tires Pirelli P-Zero 245/35 21 – 265/35 21 Pirelli P-Zero 245/45 19 – 245/45 19
System voltage (V) 924 924

€218,000 for the most exclusive versions!

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Imposing, the Lucid Air electric sedan has a length of 4.97 m.


This rival of Tesla sees things big both in terms of performance, the watted limousine accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.7 s, but also the recharging of its batteries, which support a voltage of 924 V, just like its prices which start at €218,000 on the German market for the Performance and Range Editions (the prices for France have not yet been revealed). In addition to these two exclusive fully equipped versions claiming very high performance, you can already order on the brand’s official website against a deposit of €300, a Aire Pure version, and book an Air Touring and Air Grand Touring version for €900. These are more accessible variants whose base price will be around €100,000.. The technical characteristics and autonomy are logically less with respectively a power of 480 hp for a range of 653 km.


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