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Lucid Motors doubles down on Tesla by promising record range

Lucid Motors hits hard. As TechCrunch relays, the automaker, specializing in electric vehicles, has unveiled some details about the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range, which is soon to be marketed. And one of them is enough to make Tesla jealous. Because the Dream Edition, equipped with 19 “tires and developing 933 horsepower, will display a record range of 520 EPA miles, or 838 kilometers.

By way of comparison, the Tesla Model S Long Range, which currently has the best range on the market, offers “only” 405 EPA miles, or 651 kilometers, without having to be charged. Peter Rawlinson, technical director and CEO of Lucid Group, whose comments are relayed by the American media, assures that the optimized management of the 900-volt battery of the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range is one of the main explanations for this record autonomy. . Note that this range drops to 481 EPA miles, or 774 kilometers, if the vehicle is equipped with 21” tires.

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For the Lucid Air Dream Performance Edition, the most powerful version with 1,111 horsepower, range will be 481 EPA miles (774 kilometers) with 19-inch tires, and 451 EPA miles (725 kilometers) with 21-inch tires. Lucid plans to offer several vehicle models in the coming months, although no date has yet been communicated. The basic model should be offered at 77,400 dollars in the United States, or around 66,000 euros. The base price of the Lucid Air Dream Edition should be at least 169,000 dollars, or around 144,000 euros. The Air Touring versions (with a base price of 95,000 dollars, or approximately 81,000 euros) and Grand Touring (from 139,000 dollars, or approximately 118,000 euros) are also expected on the market.

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