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Landslide in La Baie: a pet store to the aid of a disaster victim

A pet store located a few steps from the security perimeter surrounding the site of the La Baie landslide took under its wing the many animals of a woman who had to be evacuated.

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A few cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, guinea pigs, rabbits and even lizards… Megan Gagnon didn’t know where to turn when she learned that she had to evacuate her home in La Bay following ground movement.

In her haste, the animal lover even had to resolve to abandon her fish in her house, which is now inaccessible. Fortunately, the rest of her animals were taken in by the Dorie pet store, where she works.

“We are at full capacity, but we could not leave these animals to themselves. Already they risk being traumatized by the events, it had to be in a safe place, ”explains the owner of the establishment, Doriane Larouche.

The young woman even decided to welcome some of her employee’s animals into her home.

little help

“I’m lucky to have great bosses, but not everyone is in this situation,” says Ms. Gagnon, referring to a person who spent a few days in his car with his animals, lack of space to house them.

The two women also saw several animals that belonged to people who lived in the evacuated area walking near the scene for a few days.

“Were they outside when their master left?” Have they been abandoned? Are they going to get hit? asks Ms. Larouche, who intends to recover as much as possible.

“There are people who have been told to leave their animals there because they weren’t able to find them quickly! “, plague his employee, denouncing the lack of plan of the authorities on the evacuation of pets.

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