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La Maison du Tacos has opened in Givry

You may have noticed it in recent days while passing by the Place de la Poste in Givry, the Maison du Tacos brand has just taken up residence on June 10 at No. 5, where several years the small Casino convenience store.

A human adventure

Local long disused, work was undertaken for a year to refurbish everything from floor to ceiling and equip the kitchen area with professional equipment worthy of the name, all with the constraint of the Buildings of France and a rent to be paid without even having launched the commercial operation. A challenge that Khalil Elmiyoui did not hesitate to take up.

And for good reason, this Dijon native who likes to recall his Moroccan heritage is far from being a novice in business. In turn supervisor of National Education and basketball coach, he has already set up several catering outlets in some fifteen years, including “101 Avenue Boucicaut” in Chalon. But for him, commercial profitability is not everything because once a restaurant is well launched, it is to his employees that he entrusts the management: “I don’t want you to stay employed here all your life”. A trainer at heart and promoting a taste for effort, he has held the title of “professional consultant coach” since 2021 (the equivalent of a Master 2) and plans to become a personal development coach online, in order to ” to help fly with its own wings. It seems to work, one of his former employees is now enjoying success in Ouroux.

A promising local market

But why Givry? Some have been skeptical on the networks as to the interest of yet another additional catering point in the sector, given the presence of, in particular, two pizzerias (one in hard Boulevard de Verdun and the other in mobile manner on Tuesday and Friday evenings at Place d’Armes), a kebab, and various bistros such as La Billebaude and La Cadole.

No problem, if Khalil Elmiyoui and his partner left Dijon then Chalon, it’s because these cities are already saturated with fast food. Givry and the surrounding towns offer a more rural clientele, which does not always have the opportunity to drive for miles to have a bite to eat. And as far as local competition is concerned, the manager introduced himself to each store in order to establish relations of cordiality and mutual respect. After being welcomed by Mayor Sébastien Ragot, contact was also established with the Association des Commercants de Givry.

And if not, what do we eat?

Now that the business is launched, and well launched even, since the Google reviews are very positive, everyone can come and enjoy or simply discover the French tacos. A Mexican specialty consisting of a corn tortilla folded over and stuffed with an assortment of ingredients, the taco was revisited in Lyon in the 2000s. Now made from wheat, it is topped with iceberg lettuce, tomato and onion red, with a homemade cheese sauce whose recipe Mr. Elmiyoui willingly shares (light cream, emmental, mustard, garlic, salt+pepper) and even says he is proud if his recipe is taken up by others.

To this base are added, at the customer’s choice, a meat (steak, chicken, kebab), a sauce among eleven possibilities, and finally about fifteen cumulative supplements: mushrooms, egg, reblochon, bacon, etc. Whether classic (passed through the panini press) or au gratin in the oven, your tacos will be served with its portion of fries. Are you undecided? Opt for a signature tacos and its turnkey recipe!

On site or to take away

If delivery is not scheduled and if the installation of a terrace seems compromised for issues of sidewalk width, it is always possible to consume on site, at one of the 12 indoor seats. Finally, with the summer heat, we are much better in the air-conditioned room.

Wait, it’s not over. To vary the pleasures, Maison du Tacos also offers a dozen pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and salads. For dessert, a tiramisù and a chocolate mousse that will soon be made in partnership with the givrotine pastry shop Au Croissant de Lune.

It’s now up to you to test and give your opinion on Google, until a Facebook page is set up. Open every evening from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Monday to Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can order by calling However, be careful not to confuse it with “LA Maison du Tacos”, which is located in the Paris region, it would be a shame if they ended up with an unclaimed order!

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