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Kid sends another letter to dog he left at shelter to save him from dad

A few months ago, the story of 12-year-old Andrés and his dog “Simón” went viral on social media, after the boy left him at the gates of a shelter because his father beat, but he promised to come back for him when he grew up.

The story takes place in Mexico City, when the child left a letter in a cardboard box with the little dog.

“I leave you Simon. He’s my dog, I don’t want my father to beat him. He cries a lot because there is no food. I’ll leave you my savings for his tortillas. Don’t hit him, because my father already hits him a lot. Simon eats a lot indicated the first letter which was in a cardboard box with the dog.«

Kid sends another letter to dog he left at shelter to save him from dad

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Andres continued his story in the letter saying the following:

“With my mum, we decided to leave it in your hands behind my father’s back, because he wanted to sell it”, he added.

Also, Andrés asked not to give “Simón” up for adoption.for when he grew up he would come back for him, and he also left his savings to buy him food.

“Simon” arrived at the shelter with one of his favorite stuffed animals and a blanket.

This story touched the hearts of social media users as they felt the little boy’s decision shows the love he has for his dog.

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Time has passed and like any other puppy, “Simón” has grown into a big, strong, playful and mischievous dog, and he continues to live with the owners of the shelter.

Andrés never stopped writing letters to his puppy “Simón”.

The boy kept writing to his dog and in a letter he wrote that he had been to the vet recently and left him 3 euros for some tortillas.

One of Andres’ last letters published by the shelter reads:

“Hello Simon, I can’t go out because of COVID. My dad won’t let me go out. I’m sending you your food and three euros. My father doesn’t have a job. Be wise, I miss you”, he wrote.

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Those in charge of the shelter were totally moved by Andres’ love for Simon. So they decided that he would not be given up for adoption and that in case that happened, he would go to a home where the boy would be allowed to see his four-legged friend. The little boy visited “Simon” several times and leaves his little savings to pamper the dog.

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