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Inflation: these 5 foods that have seen their prices soar

The general rise in food prices has impacted the majority of French households. For the latter, this is bad news for their budget when the situation is quite tense for them. Indeed, the price of several products has increased since 2021 and this is likely to continue over the next few quarters. Here are 5 whose price has skyrocketed.

Compotes and jams

compotes and jams price increase

According to the latest inflation figures for April 2022 from Insee, in the food category, average prices for processed fruits had increased by 5.9% over one year.. One of the causes of this price increase is the cost of fruits which are the main ingredients for the preparation of compotes and jams. Suppliers had to pay farmers more.

In addition, suppliers of compotes and jams have also been impacted. For example, the rise in sugar and energy prices has had an impact on manufacturing, product packaging, transport, etc. In the end, the final price of the product that the consumer must pay final is the reflection of all these increases.


pasta price increase

With an increase of approximately +15.31%, pasta is among the foods whose price has risen sharply. This is mainly due to the poor wheat harvest last season due to bad weather conditions in France. In addition, the increase in eggs and packaging also contributed to the increase in the cost of pasta.

The flours

flour price increase

Another food that has undergone a significant increase is flour. In a general way, flours increased by +10.93%. The cause is that wheat prices have experienced an inflation following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. Before that, they were already on the rise due to the poor harvest in the summer of 2021.

frozen meat

frozen meat price hike

It is true that the meat sold in supermarkets has also increased in recent months. Nevertheless, the price of frozen meat has really undergone an impressive surge with an increase of 18.16% in one year. Furthermore, this inflation in meat costs is linked to the increase in the prices of fertilizers, production costs, expenses for animal feed and fuels. Not to mention that the profession is asking for a salary increase.

The oils

oil inflation

Over the past year, the price of oil has risen sharply around the world. In France, oil prices jumped by +9.98% in one year. The reasons for this inflation are manifold. We can cite in particular the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Before this conflict, Ukraine guaranteed 50% of the world export of sunflower oil. Currently, this country can no longer export products because of the war.

In addition, Indonesia, the leading producer of palm oil, favors its domestic market and has radically reduced its exports. In addition, several vegetable oil producing countries have recently experienced unfavorable weather:

  • the USA and Canada (producers of rapeseed and soybean oil) experienced drought;
  • Brazil (producer of soybean oil) suffered rains and floods;
  • southern France, Spain and Portugal (olive oil producers) experienced severe drought.

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