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In Roubaix, the LPA animal shelter under tension

The shelter of the Animal Protection League in Roubaix, which welcomes nearly 70 cats, is overflowing. Volunteers organize open houses to encourage adoption.

Animal shelters are under pressure, with many abandonments before the summer holidays. The refuge of the Roubaix Animal Protection League in the North is already overwhelmed. The center organizes open houses to promote cat adoptions.

Claire and Guillaume, a couple from Northerners came to “find company for our little cat”, they explain. And set his sights on the little black and white ball of fur, Rakan. After a few caresses, it’s love at first sight for the feline.

“There is no more room”

This first adoption is a relief for LPA volunteers. Sabine de Reviere, a volunteer at the shelter in Roubaix, says “I’m very happy. They’re a couple I know well and that’s only positive for Rakan”.

Because for some time now, the shelter has been overflowing with abandoned cats. 50 places are available to accommodate cats at the LPA shelter. But the felines welcomed are already 70, “we recover a lot of them, it’s madness. The refuge is already saturated”, deplores the volunteer.

“We have to put the cats in cage-boxes at reception or on the floor, because we have no more room”, explains Sabine de Reviere.

Lolita Peron with Pauline Boutin

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