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Hybrid TEST – Peugeot 309 SW GT finish

I had the pleasure of trying the Peugeot 308 SW HYBRID and here I am going to share with you my experience and the many advantages it has. Hoping that this will allow you to know more about electric cars. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. I will try others in the next few weeks to Tesla Mag.

Presentation of the model

The third generation of Peugeot 308 has met with significant success since the start of the year, like its predecessor the e-208, which was in the top 3 of the most purchased electric cars in France. Here Peugeot has decided to offer a derivative in SW station wagon which accounts for 1/3 of sales. It is equipped with the plug-in hybrid engine 225 hp and an EAT8 gearbox which reduces fuel consumption by 7% compared to the EAT6. In addition, the model tested has the GT finish with different particularities that I will present to you in the article. The proposed model was “BLUE AVATAR” and with the sun it was very visible and aroused the gaze of admiring passers-by.

Good points

It’s spacious, maneuvering assistance is essential on this type of model, in fact the car has a reversing camera in HD image so very clear and what’s more is oriented as soon as you maneuver, a radar to getting out of a narrow space as well as blind spot monitoring. I add to that the finish which makes the vehicle superb, the seats are comfortable and a small peculiarity the driver’s seat is heated and thanks to the hybrid you can add programs to heat it in the morning on the way to work.

As for the hybrid and its use, there has been a marked improvement: in fact, the mode selector has now been placed at the level of the gearbox lever. It is therefore easier to access compared to earlier versions.

The aesthetics of the car


At the rear, it has a rounded profile which makes the car more aggressive, I have a preference for the front which looks like a sports car. The color of this model is certainly not very discreet but creates a shiny effect and I find that it really sublimates the model by making it unique. For the headlights, Peugeot used Matrix LEDs. New for this model, the new Peugeot logo which represents a lion and which describes this new model quite well. The hood also gives an effect of length and finesse to this car.


The interior is in leather with yellow stitching, at the level of the driver’s seat there is a curved appearance for the thighs which greatly facilitates long journeys. Then we have a central armrest which opens in two thanks to a slight pressure at the front and which is very aesthetic.

The model offers plenty of storage space available on the center console as well as a USB socket and induction charging. In terms of controls, it feels like an airplane. The cockpit has a 3D effect which makes it possible to highlight the modes and speeds to the greatest advantage of the total customization of this i-cockpit. You can maneuver around the Car Play which is wireless for easy connection and which allows you to have your configured applications directly at your fingertips on

We find an asset for comfort because at the level of the front seats there is a practical massage option after big days of 8 hours sitting in front of a screen as well as the heated seat option which is now essential for me. For the steering wheel, the paddles are now attached to the steering wheel, which greatly improves driving

For electric charging, there is a special location located in the double bottom of the trunk, which optimizes space.

Charging and autonomy

We therefore have an on-board charger and we can plan routes to get to the charging stations present during our journey. Count 1h40 for a full recharge from a 7.4kW WallBox (32 A) and 7h from a standard socket, however thanks to the hybrid you can use the car with its internal combustion engine.

About the hybrid

The electric reserve allows us to drive up to 60km and at the level of gasoline we have 700km of autonomy. But you can also choose to schedule battery usage as well as save electric charging.

Photo gallery


We had the opportunity to try a GT finish, it is eligible for a significant ecological bonus of 100%. You can buy it from €45,550.

Strong points

  • wireless car play
  • massage seats
  • The avatar blue color and the sporty look

Weak points

  • Braking is quite dry in hybrid mode with the battery flat
  • The rear seats are rather close to the front seats
  • The wipers are rather finicky in automatic mode

To find your way around the automotive jingle, here are some similar models:

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