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her daughter wants to change her name

Elon Musk credit: Bang Showbiz

Elon Musk credit: Bang Showbiz

Elon Musk’s transgender daughter has filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court to change her name because she no longer wishes to be associated with the Tesla boss.

According to documents available on the PlainSite.org site, the offspring of the richest man on the planet now wants to call himself Vivan Jenna Wilson, thus taking the name of his mother despite her current name Xavier Alexander Musk .

Musk and Justine Wilson have been married for eight years and have seven children together.

The CEO of SpaceX has already spoken out about transgender people, and said who supports them.

He wrote on Twitter in 2020: “I absolutely support transgender people but all these pronouns and their aesthetics are a nightmare. »

However, the business leader has been accused of making transphobic remarks in the past, including after he backed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ remarks.

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