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Goldfish to be won in duck fishing in the Basque Country: a “rebellious” association

The editorial staff advises you

For Amandine Sanvisens, co-founder of PAZ, this is “revolting and what is more “illegal”. “Articles L214-4 and L214-7 of the rural code prohibit pets in lottery, recalls the activist. Excluding the goldfish is classified as a domestic animal by the decree of August 11, 2006 (JORF 233) “. “The non-enforcement of the law reflects the lack of consideration our society has for fish,” she said. It’s time to take the interests of sensitive fish seriously. »

Amandine Sanvisens is concerned about the “deplorable” conditions in which goldfish are exposed: “in tiny aquariums without aerators or aquatic plants with high density”.

Pet lotteries banned

The association calls for the withdrawal of goldfish from the proposed lots, and encourages the mayor “not to authorize the allocation of locations at festivals, fairs, markets and flea markets to people who do not respect these legal provisions, concerning the lottery of ‘pets “.

Amandine Sanvisens, who explains that she alerted the veterinary services of the DDPP (Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations) of 64, recalls that during the examination in the Assembly of the proposal against animal abuse in January 2021, “deputies had tabled an amendment to prohibit this practice”. “It had been withdrawn because the Minister of Agriculture had explained that it was already prohibited”, underlines the animal protection activist who gives Julien Denormandie’s response at the time:

The editorial staff advises you

“Indeed, under the terms of Article L. 214-7 of the Rural and Maritime Fishing Code: “The transfer, free of charge or against payment, of dogs and cats and other pets, the list of which is fixed by a decree of the minister in charge of agriculture and the minister in charge of the environment is prohibited in fairs, markets, flea markets, shows, exhibitions or any other events not specifically devoted to animals.

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