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Geneva: Clandestine sub-tenants “under muzzle”

“Clandestine sub-tenants are muzzled sub-tenants,” asserted the president of the Geneva Criminal Court on Tuesday, stating the verdict of the trial of a couple of slumber merchants. The woman and her husband were respectively found guilty of usury by trade and complicity in usury, as well as incitement to illegal entry, exit or stay and complicity. The main defendant was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, partially suspended and a 100-day fine, fully suspended. Her husband, sentenced for having been his accomplice, but without the aggravation of the profession, was given a 180-day suspended fine.

For the judges, there is no doubt that between 2016 and 2020, the main condemned has sublet ten apartments in several working-class neighborhoods to foreign nationals, mostly Filipinos, who do not have a residence permit. According to the prosecution, this sleeping peddler also realized significant capital gains on the initial rents, without however the damage being able to be quantified.

The accused is accused of having exploited a state of embarrassment of her undocumented sub-tenants and of having put up with a crowdingt in these apartments from people who cannot pay the requested rents on their own. The judges, on the other hand, gave up deporting him, given his ties to Switzerland and his weak ties with his country of origin. The parties have ten days to appeal.

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